Birdcage Hotel Wine Tasting : Discover the Grapes of the Aegean

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In the historic lands of Turkey, in the lush green geography of the Aegean, vineyards have been growing for more than 3000 years. More than 100 grape varieties, unique in the world, grow in these ancient lands. These special grapes, known by names such as Adakarası, Barburi, Boğazkere, Bornova Misketi, Emir, Kuntra, make up the rich wine culture of the region. We invite you to Bircage33 Boutique Hotel Wine Tasting to see the Aegean grapes up close and taste the wine!

Wine Tasting: The flavourful history of the Aegean

The Aegean region is renowned not only for its immense natural beauty, but also for its rich wine culture. The unique grape varieties grown in this region are characterised by its unique climate and soil structure. Shining like diamonds, these grapes tell a story with the impression they leave on the palate.

Birdcage33 Hotel Wine Tasting: Start your flavour journey

If you want to discover and experience the rich wine heritage of the Aegean, the Birdcage Hotel Wine Tasting is for you. Our hotel aims to provide our guests with a unique wine experience while supporting local producers.

Wine Tasting Class Details

1. Recognition of old grape varieties:

Detailed information on the special Aegean grape varieties such as Adakarası, Barburi, Bogazkere, Bornova Misket, Emir, Kuntra.

2. Wine production process:

The stages of wine production from the vineyard to the bottle.

3. Wine tasting with a professional sommelier:

Tasting sessions organised by our chef with a special selection of wines.

Booking information:

The Birdcage Hotel Tasting Class is only available by prior booking. We aim to give each guest a special experience by keeping the number of participants under control.

The harmony of wine and flavour: An unforgettable experience with special menus

The Birdcage Hotel Wine Tasting Course offers an unforgettable experience not only with the wines, but also with the delicious menus specially created by our chef. Accompanied by a professional sommelier, this special course offers participants the opportunity to discover the harmony of wine and food in the best possible way. Call us for more information!