Didim is a corner of paradise in Western Turkey, surrounded by the clear waters of the Aegean Sea. In this corner of paradise there are many historical monuments from ancient times. However, one of the most remarkable structures of Didim is undoubtedly the Temple of Apollon. This huge structure is dedicated to Apollon, an important god in ancient Greek mythology.  


History of the Temple of Apollon : From Myth to Reality    

The history of the Temple of Apollo begins with mythological tales. In ancient times, this region was known as Didyma, and Didyma was famous for a temple complex dedicated to Artemis, Apollon’s sister. Over time, however, it is known that Apollo received more attention here and the temple was expanded. In the 4th century BC, at the request of Alexander the Great, the temple was further expanded and turned into a magnificent structure. 


Architectural Features of the Temple: Expression of Splendor    

The Temple of Apollo is one of the most magnificent buildings of antiquity. The temple, which has a rectangular plan, was built in the Doric order. Surrounded by a large courtyard, the temple is supported by marble columns. These columns complete the impressive appearance of the temple. The interior of the temple opens to a dark passage leading to the main temple room. The main temple room is adorned with the statue of Apollo and gives the visitor the atmosphere of the ancient times. 


Meet History and Nature    

The Temple of Apollon is one of the most important tourist attractions in Didim. This huge structure appeals to both history buffs and nature lovers. Since the temple is surrounded by greenery, visitors can enjoy nature while exploring the historical structure. In addition, the beaches and cafes near the temple also offer visitors the opportunity to relax and have fun. 


Discover The Glory of Antiquity    

The Temple of Apollon in Didim is an important structure that carries the splendor of antiquity into the present day. It is a great place to visit for history buffs and nature lovers. Exploring this unique structure will be an unforgettable experience for anyone who wants to go on a historical journey and discover the beauties of nature. 


Birdcage33 Boutique Hotel Didim Apollon Temple Tour   

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