Birdcage33 Hotel Holiday Cooking Class: An Adventure Full of Delicious Memories

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A holiday at Birdcage33 Boutique Hotel means discovering new flavours, experiencing traditional tastes and improving your cooking skills. We invite you to experience a holiday cooking class! “The Best Gift You Can Give Yourself: A Local Recipe”, are you ready for this delicious journey?


Farmers’ Market and Shopping

Cooking Class Farmer's Market

To take your holiday one step further, we visit the farmers’ market every Tuesday. While you browse the fresh, organic and fragrant produce, our chefs help you choose the best ingredients and fill your shopping basket. This is shopping, it is an exciting ritual before you start your holiday cooking class.


Time to Meet Our Chefs in The Kitchen

Cooking Class With Chef

Once you have completed your shopping, another exciting step awaits you: meeting our chefs in the kitchen. In a culinary adventure full of shared preparations and special recipes, you will learn about the traditions of Turkish and Aegean cuisine and experience the pleasure of preparing food with your own hands.

Discover the Secrets of Traditional Recipes with Bircage33 Hotel Cooking Class

Our chefs reveal the secrets of centuries-old traditional recipes in classes specially designed for you. By carefully explaining each step, they encourage you to become the chef in your own kitchen. You will never forget the taste of the moment when your hand meets flavour.

Don’t Forget to Book Your Holiday Cooking Class at Bircage33 Hotel!

The farmers’ market takes place every Tuesday, but the cookery classes are by booking only. Book your place now! Don’t miss out on this unique experience and start your journey to becoming the chef of your own kitchen.



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