Birdcage33 Hotel: Popular Grape Varieties and Wine Tasting

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The Aegean’s fertile soils, winemaking tradition and unique climate are home to special grape varieties. If you are looking to add a little extra flavour to your holiday, Birdcage33 Hotel’s wine tasting experience could be just what you are looking for. The hotel is located in the heart of the Aegean region, famous for its special wines, each with its own story to tell.

This experience is organised for wine lovers and those who want to discover new flavours. The wine tasting offers you the opportunity to learn about the region’s famous wines and indulge your palate with tastings accompanied by expert chefs. The Birdcage33 Hotel’s Wine Tasting will give you a deeper insight into the wine culture of the Aegean. It will bring you one step closer to this flavourful journey.

Grape Varieties and Wine Tasting: Introduction to Aegean Wine World

The Aegean region is one of the most important wine growing areas in Turkey. With its fertile soils, unique climate and skilled producers, the Aegean has the perfect environment for growing quality grapes. The grapes produced in this special geography attract the attention of wine lovers.

Grape Varieties and Wine Tasting:  Grape Harvest Festival

Grape harvest festival held every year in September. It is a memorable event organised to celebrate the region’s grape harvest. These festivities celebrate local producers coming together to harvest delicious grapes and make exquisite wines from them.

Grape Varieties and Wine Tasting:  Popular Aegean Grape Varieties 

The wines produced in the Aegean region of Turkey are as much about the quality of the grapes as they are about the care and passion put into the production process. This journey from vineyard to bottle tells a story in every drop of wine. Sultaniye, Bornova Misketi, Çalkarası and many other special grape varieties are available. These amazing grape varieties give you the opportunity to discover the rich wine heritage of the region.

Adakarası Grape: Big flavour in a small size

Adakarası grape is a variety with small berries and dark skin. Wines made from Adakarası grape usually have soft tannins, rich fruit flavours and a pronounced acidity. These wines are easy to drink, refreshing and balanced even when young. With their orchard notes, the wines of Adakaras leave an unforgettable impression on the palate.

Sultaniye Grape

Sultaniye, one of the most popular white grape varieties of the Aegean region, allows the production of a light and refreshing wine. Particularly popular on hot summer days, this grape offers a sweet escape for wine lovers.

Bornova Misketi: Aromatic treasure

Bornova Misketi is one of the rare white grape varieties of the Aegean region. This grape, with its aromatic structure and pronounced acidity, is particularly favoured in the production of white wines. Bornova Misketi wines offer a refreshing and sophisticated taste. Produced from the Bornova Misketi grape, this wine has a characteristic aromatic structure and refreshing acidity. Generally grown in cold climates, Bornova Misketi is the basis of wines that offer a distinctive flavour profile in Izmir and its surroundings.

Çalkarası Grape

Çalkarası, one of the red grape varieties of the Aegean, makes an important contribution to the traditional wine production of the region. Wines made from this grape are known for their soft tannins and fruity character. Çalkarası is a rare grape variety that has a deep-rooted place in the history of the Aegean. Çalkarası grape is an ideal choice for traditional Aegean red wines. Known for its soft tannins and fruity character, wines made from this grape are generally light and easy to drink. Çalkarası wines evoke the warm atmosphere of the Aegean in the bottle.

Çavuş GrapeTraditional red flavour 

Çavuş is a traditional grape variety that has been cultivated in the region for many years. This grape is usually harvested before it is fully ripe and is used to make red wines. Çavuş grape wines are characterised by intense fruit aromas and pronounced tannins. The Sergeant grape is another preferred variety for the production of red wines. Wines made from this grape have intense fruit flavours, pronounced tannins and a long finish. Çavuş red wines reflect the strong and characteristic flavour of the Aegean.

Karadimrit The mysterious red grape of the Aegean

Karadimrit is one of the local and rare red grape varieties of the Aegean region. This grape has a deep red colour and is often used to produce spicy and complex wines. Karadimrit wines fascinate wine lovers with their characteristic aromas. These special reserve wines from the Karadimrit grape offer all the richness of Karadimrit, one of the mysterious and complex red grape varieties of the Aegean. Spicy and deep in flavour, these wines are ideal for special occasions.


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