“Tanri Misafiri”

The name “Tanrı Misafiri” translates in meaning as “the unexpected guest of god”; and relates to an old cultural belief that when someone unexpectedly shows up on your doorstep, you should pleasantly host them.

Tanrı Misafiri Istanbul, which at first had been a dinner concept where the founders would invite their friends and friends of friends to have dinner with them, has evolved into a gastro project that organizes thematic pop-up dinners.

This summer, Tanrı Misafiri organized weekly pop-up dinner in various locations in Turkey such as Bodrum, Çeşme, Akyaka, and Istanbul with three things staying constant: interesting themes, interesting meals, and interesting people.

Birdcage33 has hosted two unforgettable tropical themed nights with Tanrı Misafiri in early August. The mesmerizing sea view, natural greenery of Bodrum, funky thematic elements, chic crowd, music, drinks, and food all mixed up; and the result was a majestic ambiance.

The crowd has started its evening by sipping cocktails accompanied with rich tunes and enjoying the lively energy that had flowed around the Yalıkavak Hills. The experience has gotten multisensory as the food had started to get served. The rich and unusual menu included items such as cured mackerel, furkikake with tahini, and seasoned rice with mussels.

The crowd has kept enjoying itself after the dinner, making the night one to remember.