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Let’s voyage the blue waters of Aegean…

Aegean Turkey is home to many Travel routes where nature and history is together. With its wind-rich regions, unique bays, sheltered marinas, coastal towns and unique history we offer private Gullet Tours using traditional handmade Wooden Boats and Luxury Yachts in collaboration with professional companies.

This experience is subject to availability. Advanced booking of at least 48 hours is required.


“The best gift you can give yourself is a local recipe… Enjoy this experience with an amazing chef”

Personalized culinary workshops with experienced chefs where you may discover the secrets of our centuries old traditional cuisine and enjoy the unique local tastes.

Farmer’s market visit and shopping, preparations to share with and special recipes are included to this culinary adventure combining with Turkish and Aegean cooking traditions.

“Farmer’s market” is on Tuesday’s every week and cooking class sessions are on service with an advanced reservation only.


Taste the ancient grapes of the Aegean lands…

The fertile, verdant landscape of Asia Minor & Aegean has been the home to vineyards for literally more than 3000 years. There are unique ‘terriors’ here and relatedly more than 100 grape varieties unique from anything else in the world. Adakarası, Barburi, Boğazkere, Bornova Misket, Emir, Kuntra and more…

Our aim is to support our local producers and share rich local tastes with our guests. We offer Wine Tasting experience with professional sommelier and accompaniment menus specially designed by our chef.

Wine Tasting sessions are on service with an advanced reservation only.


Get to know the indispensable goddesses of Aegean cuisine…

Spring and fall is also a very good time to travel Bodrum, the town and villages are left to the locals and residents after the crowds leave and its actual beauties can be experienced. It is a real privilege to be in the nature harvesting the local herbs during fresh spring time when the nature awakens and also when the fall arrives reflecting wonderful colors in to the flora and sky. Herb Harvest and traditional cooking class activity aims to introduce the variety of herbs in Aegean, the richness of its cuisine and to share the traditional recipes with our guests who are willingly interested in our cultural riches. This tour is accompanied by a professional guide and a cooking class with our local chef with an advanced reservation only.


Experience the rich symbolism and historic significance of the olive tree…

Towards the end of the autumn in Turkey is the time for the olive picking harvest. Pressing olive and creating table olives in this enjoyable harvesting and processing experience is a great way to celebrate the olive harvest and discover how delicious and flavourful good olive oil can be. Harvest begins in November and lasts through until January. The olive oil you press yourself and take home will certainly remain in your palate memory with its delicately fresh, fruity and slightly astringent qualities. This experience is accompanied by a professional guide subject to availability. Advanced booking of at least 48 hours is required.


Search and collect endemic mushrooms on the field of Bodrum surroundings and enjoy the flavors with unique recipes…

If you like exploring the forest and clay, this tutorial and delicious activity will strengthen your bond with the nature.

Mushroom Hunting is a foodie tour combined with a relaxing walk through the wilderness of the region accompanied with an expert and tour guide. You will experience a trip into the fields and forests around Bodrum in search of endemic mushrooms also learn about the area’s ecology and how native cultures preserved this land. A great picnic lunch with original recipes will also be waiting for you at the most impressive spot of the journey.

This tour is accompanied by a professional guide, with an advanced reservation only.