Heraklia and Latmos Hiking Tour from Bodrum: Journey into History

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Birdcage 33 Boutique Hotel organizes Heraklia and Latmos Walking Tour for nature lovers and history enthusiasts.  The Heraklia and Latmos Hiking Tour starts at the foothills of the Latmos Mountains with a peaceful view of Lake Bafa. This tour offers participants the opportunity to walk in the footsteps of ancient civilizations. Filled with thousands of years of history and the magnificent harmony of nature, this trip offers a soul-soothing experience. 


Heraklia and Latmos Hiking Tour:  A Paradise of History and Nature

Heraklia and Latmos Hiking Tour   

Heraklia is located about 40 kilometers from Bodrum. This ancient city is an island in Lake Bafa. Founded in the 12th century BC, it was once an important port city and the capital of the Carian region. Today Heraklia attracts tourists with its historical ruins and natural beauty. During the tour you can explore the important points of the city such as the ancient theater, the agora, the temple of Athena and the city walls. 

Heraklia and Latmos Hiking Tour

The Latmos Mountains, located north of Lake Bafa, are famous in mythology for the legend of Endymion. Endymion, who escaped the wrath of Zeus, fell asleep forever in the Beşparmak cave at the foot of this mountain. These mountains, which have every shade of green, offer an ideal environment for hiking and outdoor sports. During the tour, you can enjoy the spectacular views of Mount Latmos and explore the tombs and caves carved in the rocks. 


Hiking Tour A Good Way to Discover History    

The Heraklia & Latmos Walking Tour appeals to participants of all levels by offering options of varying difficulty. Throughout the tour, experienced guides will inform you about the history and natural beauty of the region. You will explore the ancient ruins of Heraklia and enjoy the magnificent views of the Latmos Mountains. 

Heraklia and Latmos Hiking Tour Highlights:   

  • Options at different difficulty levelS  
  • Experienced guides  
  • Discover the ancient ruins of Heraklia   
  • Spectacular views of the Latmos Mountains   
  • An experience in touch with nature 


Birdcage 33 Boutique Hotel: A Comfortable Accommodation Experience    

Birdcage 33 Boutique Hotel is located in Gümüşlük, one of the most beautiful bays of Bodrum. It offers comfortable accommodation for the participants of the Heraklia & Latmos Walking Tour. The hotel offers its guests a pleasant accommodation experience with its modern and elegant design.  Please contact us for tour reservations. 


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