Birdcage 33 Butik Hotel: Bleisure Travel  

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Bleisure travel, combining business and leisure, is about to replace traditional business travel. This shift is creating a new type of traveller who is neither a business traveller nor a carefree holidaymaker, but a combination of the two. The hospitality industry can adapt by offering new services and amenities that ease the transition from work to leisure. Time in the boardroom and time on the beach. Half work, half holiday. This is the idea behind “bleisure” travel, a pandemic trend with staying power. 

What is bleisure travel?  

The business world is changing rapidly and professionals are embracing a new trend that combines business travel with an experience that is not only business oriented but also enjoyable: Bleisure travel. “Bleisure is a combination of the words “business” and “leisure”. Birdcage33 Boutique Hotel combines business meetings, conferences or seminars with an unforgettable holiday experience. 

Birdcage 33 Boutique Hotel and Bleisure Travel  

There is one special place where you can experience this trend at its best: Birdcage 33 Boutique Hotel. Offering a perfect environment for business meetings, the hotel also aims to provide its guests with unforgettable memories by embracing the concept of bleisure travel. 

The Boutique Birdcage Hotel caters to the needs of the business community with modern and comfortable meeting rooms whilst offering the opportunity to explore the unique natural beauty and historical sites surrounding the hotel. Its proximity to the historic ruins of Bodrum and easy access to the beaches famous for their natural beauty will help you turn your business trip into a special holiday experience.  

Bleisure Travel Advantages at Birdcage Boutique Hotel 

Business travel should be more than just meetings. With Bleisure Travel you can pamper yourself and enjoy a holiday after work. Bircage 33 Boutique Hotel is a great way to make your business trip unforgettable by combining business and leisure. Here are the benefits of Bircage 33 Boutique Hotel Bleisure Travel! 

Birdcage Boutique Hotel Turns Business Travellers into Loyal Guests 

Most bleisure travellers stay in the same place for both business and leisure. This means that hotels traditionally associated with business travellers have a new opportunity to showcase their relaxing side, offer excellent experiences and build guest loyalty. Birdcage Boutique Hotel attracts business travellers with pre-planned tour packages and itineraries, as well as special facilities and services for family and accompanying partners. 

Combines Workspace with Relaxation 

Many bleisure travellers still work remotely and need a place to work. With this in mind, the Birdcage Boutique Hotel offers its guests flexible workspaces and meeting rooms. But travellers also need a place to relax and unplug. Birdcage33 Boutique Hotel can take advantage of the need for rest by making it easier for travellers to divide their time between the work part of the day and the rest part. 

Bleisure Travel with Daily Tours and Activities    

At the Birdcage Boutique Hotel, it’s no longer just about travelling to a meeting. It is about experiencing the destination. In many cases, bleisure travellers are willing to spend more on food, entertainment and sightseeing because their company is paying for their airfare.  Convenience is very important to these travellers. Birdcage Boutique Hotel works with them to create immersive experiences such as full day tours and comprehensive excursions. 

Update Your Travel Plan   

Business travellers are known for staying in one place during the week. But bleisure travellers are staying longer and at weekends, disrupting weekly booking patterns. There is no longer a clear dividing line between weekday business travellers and weekend bleisure travellers. The Birdcage Boutique Hotel caters for all types of customers during the week and is ready to offer personalised services and suggestions on any day of the week. 



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