Birdcage33 Hotel Priene Tour: The Splendor of The Ancient Ionian City 

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On the Izmir-Bodrum road, which carries the fascinating traces of antiquity, there is a magnificent historical treasure that welcomes you after Söke. Priene is an important city that carries the fascinating traces of antiquity to the present day. It manages to impress every visitor with its architectural beauty, historical richness and cultural importance. If you want to fall under the spell of antiquity, Priene should definitely be on your list. 


Location and History of Priene    

Priene is located next to the village of Güllübahçe. This ancient Ionian city is characterized by its Hippodamian grid plan. Archaeological evidence suggests that Priene was founded by the Carians. The oldest buildings dating back to the 6th century BC show that this place has a long history. 


Important Structures in Priene   

One of the most remarkable structures in the city is the Temple of Athena Polias. This temple was dedicated to Athena and was located in the centre of the city. There are also important structures such as a theatre, agora and stoa in Priene. These buildings reflect the richness of ancient Greek culture and art.  


Temple of Athena Polias  

The temple of Athena Polias is one of the most sacred places in Priene. The temple is an example of the architectural mastery of the ancient world. Built in the Ionian style, it is an expression of deep respect for Athena.


The Cultural and Historical Importance of Ancient Ionian City

This Ionian City  is also of great historical and cultural importance. This ancient city made a significant contribution to the development and heritage of the Greek world. Today it still attracts many tourists with its rich historical heritage. 


Birdcage 33 Boutique Hotel Priene Walking Tour   

Birdcage 33 Boutique Hotel offers its guests an unforgettable experience in the charming atmosphere of Bodrum. It organises special tours for its guests who want to discover the deep traces of history. One of these special tours is a trip to the ancient city. With this tour you can make a pleasant trip to this ancient city which is famous for its historical richness. You will have the opportunity to experience the fascinating atmosphere of the ancient Greek period. The magnificent structure of Priene, the temple of Athena Polias and other historical ruins will make you relive the magic and majesty of the past!   

If you would like to discover the mysterious world of Priene with a guide, contact us!    

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